About Us

Christs Amateur Dramatics Society (CADS) is the friendliest place to get involved with comedy and drama in Cambridge.
Also, we have a tiger

We put on our shows at the Yusuf Hamied Centre

President: Jodie Coates - Facebook - Email

Vice President: Vicky Collins
Secretary: Becky Seakins
Treasurer: Matt Varnam

Stage Managers: Elisabet Lindgren and Sam Payne
Tech: Mark Danciger

Head of Comedy: Diarmuid Maguire
Head of Smokers: Sam Payne
Head of Creative Writing: Lewis Wade

Webmaster: Dan Karaj
Publicity: Ciaran Lunt

Head of Erotica: Sophie Gilbert
The Gettysburg Addressee “Recipient of Erotica”: Jess Landy
A Dark Planet Lit By No Sun: Tony Leech
King of Pantomime: Richard Kish
Modern Major General Committee Member: Joe Dutton
Nutella Officer: Adam Connolly
Awaiting Title: Gerard Martin
Former President: Milena Messner
Offstage Voice: Alisdair McNab
The Dame: Kyle Fearn

 Get Involved

If you'd like to get involved in any of our shows, send any of us a message or take a look at our facebook page


We're happy to provide funding for any original and cutting edge material. If you want more information. Get in touch with our president and treasurer