16/02/2010 TO 20/02/2010 - 21:00 - SKETCH

The Occasional Students


A sketch show jam-packed with as much variety as we can fit into 55min. A diverse group of creative minds has been pooled and picked to create a huge range of comic settings, all aiming to tackle some of the big unanswered questions - just how good would Agatha Christie be at Cluedo? When the vet examines your beloved pet, how thorough is too thorough? And why use meerkats to sell car insurance?

This is a production that really aims to maximise the diversity available to the sketch show format by incorporating a range of themes and styles, combined with performers acclaimed for their versatility. Ultimately The Occasional Students are set on providing a fast-moving, dynamic, and above all hugely enjoyable night out for a wide range of audiences.

Featuring: Lizzy Carr, Michael Christie, Tom Foxall, Charlotte Jeffreys, Phil Liebman and Oliver Marsh.

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