25/01/2011 TO 29/01/2011 - 19:30 - FARCE



CADS Presents Joe Orton’s blackly comic Farce-Thriller, Lent Week 1, Christ’s Yusuf Hameid Theatre

In a quiet suburban vicarage, Pastor McLeavy is deep in mourning for his recently-deceased wife, and immersed in preparations for the perfect funeral.

Meanwhile, a mile or so away, the McLeavy’s son Hal is carrying out a bank heist of over a hundred thousand pounds, and gets away scot-free.

But as McLeavy tries to stave off the manipulative advances of his late wife’s nurse, and Hal’s mate Dennis tries to simultaneously follow McLeavy’s extensive funeral stipulations AND conceal the ill-gotten gains, a man named Truscott breaches the house - ostensibly from the water board, but asking a lot of disconcertingly official questions. And with £104,000 in notes to conceal, Hal begins to see his mother’s coffin in a whole new light…

McLeavy - Tom Foxall
Fay - Jennie King
Hal - Stephen Clarke
Dennis - Pete Skidmore
Truscott - Harry Sheehan
Meadows - David Moulder

Director - Oliver Marsh
Producer - David Halstead
Designer - Sophie Lewisohn

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