21/02/12 TO 24/02/12 - 21:30 - COMEDY


£4/5 ENTRY

A sketch show, appearing and unravelling before your eyes.

Tucked away in a cramped and decrepit old attic, two writers keep the cobwebs, sleep, and reality at bay. But through the caffeine-induced haze, things start to come alive. And once ideas are released, they tend to take centre-stage; when they start to fight, well, writer’s block is the least of your worries…

Creative control takes on a whole new meaning.

Writers - Robert Thomas, Phil Liebman
Actor - Tom Foxall, Jess Landy, Oliver Marsh, Miharu Obata, Pete Skidmore, Zoe Tomalin
Song Man - Nathan Gower
Mystery Person - Thea Hawlin

Production Team - Nathan Gower, Zoe Tomalin, Oliver Marsh
Publicity - Thea Hawlin
Technical Director - Nick Hall
Assistant Technical Director - Charlotte Higgins

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