26/11/2012 AND 27/11/2012 - 23:30 - PANTOMIME

Charles Darwin and his Fabulous College Cat


Hello boys and girls! Ladies and Gentlemen! Dames and Villains!
You may have noticed by the sickening amount of jolly Christmas music harassing our ears that it is nearly Christmas! And what better way of putting yourself into a Christmas mood than by attending the college panto? ‘Charles Darwin and his fabulous College Cat’ follows the tale of a young Mr Darwin struggling with his degree and his love life at Christ’s. Through a series of farcical miscommunications and the meddlings of the college cat, Darwin finds himself whipped out to sea, and who knows what adventures will meet him there… There will be shipwrecks, there will be evil finches, there will be a splendid fistful of audience participation! Be there or fuck off.

ALSO, with your ticket you will get a free glass of mulled wine (or orange juice) in the function room if you come between 8.30 and 9. Just because CADS loves you. There will also be some free Christmas themed food too. Oooh.

Watch the whole this on YouTube here

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