12/02/2013 TO 16/02/2013 - 21:30 - COMEDY

Siân and Zoë's Bubblegum Party


Comedy pear Siân Docksey and Zoë Tomalin lavishly invite you into their topsy turvy world of glitter, cardboard, and small but significant amounts of arterial blood. With successful flora/fauna into radio, standup, and theatre, Siân and Zoë bring their unique frothy blend of glitzy carefully-jumbled madness into a week-long party rumble (may contain gluten). Itʼs the creme de la crumb of kitsch irreverence, lightly battered in a sparkly crust of cool. Cool is imperative. Everybody be cool. And bring your friends. And your pets. Yes.

Watch the whole thing on YouTube here

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