12/03/2014 - 19:30 - COMEDY

Table for Four


Owen is ready for another week of parties and procrastination when he finds out that his parents are arriving that evening for dinner, under the impression that he has booked a restaurant and that they will meet his new girlfriend. Will Owen pull off the greatest deception of Lent term? Will he find love in the back room of Curry Queen? And will the whole thing be derailed by a bad French accent?

CADS present the 2014 Christ’s College Freshers’ Play, written by Paul Tait and Alasdair McNab

You can see photos of the acts here

Owen - Adam Connolly
John - Will Kellett
Helen - Becky Seakins
Edward - Rob Ralston
Julia - Abby Hayes
Sam - Hanspreet Singh Sachdev
Cake Guy - Dan Karaj
Max - Ciaran Lunt
Anna - Katie Scott

Director - Jodie Coates
Producer - Sam Payne
Writer - Alasdair Mcnab, Paul Tait
Assistant Producer - Gerard Martin
Lighting Designer - Rory Gregson
Sound Designer - Evan Lynch
Stage Manager - Elisabet Lindgren
Publicity Designer - Ciaran Lunt
Magic wand wielder - Jodie Coates
Mystery Director - Josie Wastell
Spelling Guru - Ciaran Lunt
Downing Spy - Codie Joates

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