14/10/2014 TO 18/10/2014 - 21:30 - DRAMA

The Man

£5/6 ENTRY

“…What we buy says, you know, a lot about… Who We Are”

Tax is really, really taxing for Ben Edwards. Newly self-employed, he is now facing his dreaded self assessment form, with every receipt evoking the good times and the bad – memories of things gone wrong, gone right, the journeys he’s been on, the relationships that have begun and ended and the people he has lost. With a little help from Inland Revenue, Ben begins to stitch together the patchwork quilt that is the last Tax Year, and relives the times that were both hilarious and tragic, all mixed up in one shoe box of receipts.

Award-winning playwright James Graham (Tory Boyz, This House, Privacy) presents an affectionate, funny and touching portrait of one man’s accomplishments, failures, triumphs and regrets. In performance, each receipt triggers a particular speech and Ben plucks them from the audience’s hands at random, unravelling his story in a unique order every single night.

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Ben Edwards - Raph Wakefield
Inland Revenue - Joanna Clarke

Director - Bea Svistunenko
Producer - Victoria Collins
Publicity Designer - Hannah Taylor

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